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Banyan Botanicals intends to provide you with the highest quality Ayurvedic herbs and products possible. They believe a high quality product is one that is pure, effective and produced in an environmentally friendly and ethical manner.

When you purchase certified organic herbs from Banyan Botanicals, you can be confident that you are making a healthful choice, while also contributing to a healthier planet.

Most Ayurvedic herbs on the market are wild-harvested without regard for the long-term effects on the species or the environment. Many widely used plants are threatened and in danger of being unavailable either through extinction or protective legislation. Banyan Botanicals is working to reverse this trend by supporting sustainable projects that use ecologically-friendly methods of farming and harvesting.

Banyan Botanicals is committed to continuously improving supplier relations and trading fairly. The farmers are paid a fair and stable price for their crops. They provide extra income for farmers to improve their quality of life, and they assist small farmers in achieving a stronger position in world markets.

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