Ortho Molecular Natranix - 4 oz

Ortho Molecular Natranix - 4 oz

Ortho Molecular's Natranix includes a blend of all-natural botanical ingredients in a great-tasting respiratory support formula that provides immune support during seasonal changes.

Natranix is an alcohol-free, great-tasting syrup formulated to support respiratory health and the immune system during seasonal challenges. The formula includes botanicals echinacea, thyme, sage, elderberry and anise.

Echinacea: Research has shown echinacea to be beneficial for various aspects of respiratory health, including balancing microbial activity and cytokines. A review of placebo-controlled randomized trials of echinacea found benefits for early stage upper respiratory tract support. An herbal compound containing Echinacea angustifolia was found to enhance respiratory health by 77% among children, over a one month period. Another research group found an echinacea product offered dual action for microbial balance in the respiratory tract and helped maintain normal inflammatory balance.

Thyme: Thyme has a long history of use in natural medicine in connection with chest and respiratory support. The health supporting effects of Thymol, its primary volatile oil, are well documented. Thyme and its extracts have been found to relax respiratory muscles and to possess microbial-balancing properties. Thyme has also been shown to help increase the transport of mucus by cilia (minute, hair-like structures in the lungs that help expel mucus out of the lungs).

Elderberry: Elderberry has been used for centuries to support respiratory health. Elderberry fruit preparations have been shown to provide antioxidant support and microbial balancing effects in vitro, and has been shown to have balancing effects across a broad range of microbial organisms. One randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study done in Norway, investigated the efficacy and safety of oral elderberry syrup among 60 patients aged 18-54 years, with upper respiratory symptoms for 48 hours or less. They received 15 ml of elderberry or placebo syrup four times a day for five days, and symptoms were recorded using a visual analogue scale. Elderberry boosted immune function and calmed respiratory challenges on an average of four days earlier than the placebo group.

Sage: Sage or (Salvia officinalis) is approved by the German Commission E for external use in supporting the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat.

Does Not Contain: Gluten, corn, yeast, artificial colors and flavors.