Balancing the Gut: Ion Biome

Balancing the Gut: Ion Biome

There was a time when my children were babies when my face would break out into an itchy rash.  It was red, around my mouth and very visible.  I found it embarrassing, especially being a natural health practitioner who is supposed to be healthy and have it all together.  I was doing my best to care for myself so why wasn't my body cooperating?  

I tried many things for my skin: diet iterations, herbal combinations, acupuncture, chiropractic. You name it, I probably tried it. Through reading, I began to learn about leaky gut and that I had it.  (For more about leaky gut and it's consequences check out this article, and this one.  I'll be giving a free talk about Leaky Gut next week). I think the stress of each pregnancy stressed my gut and the skin was my body's warning sign. As I tried various gut and skin remedies and diet alterations, the issue would lessen but I would still have outbreaks.  I think I talked with just about every esteemed local natural health provider about this issue. Nothing anyone suggested seemed to truly resolve the issue, and my list of foods that I was eating was growing shorter. Eating fewer foods was helpful for my skin but I knew it was not healthy to be sensitive to this degree.   

When I related the story of how sensitive my skin was to Dr. Marcus Ettinger, he suggested the product Ion Biome to me.  Dr. Ettinger is a chiropractor in Orange County, California who I view as a mentor. I found his writings about gut health on the internet in my desperation to find a solution.  I called him up, scheduled a phone appointment, and to this day, though I am much healthier, I still do a check-in one or two times a year of my blood chemistry with him.  I began taking a teaspoon of Ion Biome before every meal and within 1-2 months, I was able to eat foods I had been sensitive to.  My skin began to clear up and I had fewer reactions over time.  All those previous skin and gut remedies were pushed to the back of the cabinet and stayed there.

So what is this stuff called Ion Biome?  Ion Biome is a carbon metabolite derived from buried soil.  Basically, they take organic material from the buried soil which is from a time when the soil on Earth was more microbially diverse. Unfortunately, we as a species have destroyed much of the natural biological activity in modern day soil. It is my understanding from the teachings of Dr. Zach Bush that widespread use of glyphosate or RoundUp may be responsible for much of this destruction, just as the use of glyphosate is also causing the breakdown of the gut lining and other body systems for much of the western world's population (a topic for another article, entirely).  Ion Biome basically supports the good bacteria in the gut and helps to rebuild a healthy gut community.  It does this with carbon redox molecules that improve cell to cell signaling in the gut. That means better cell to cell signaling between bacteria and also between the gut lining cells. Better signaling means healthier cells.  For leaky gut, this is good because it makes things no longer "leaky".  

This translates to fewer food reactions, less inflammation, and better nutrient absorption.  It even means better production of healthy metabolites in the gut. 

Since learning about this product, it has become a tool for my practice in helping people.  I have heard testimony of it helping with acid reflux, constipation, loose stools, food sensitivities, auto-immunity, sinus issues, getting adequate nutrition, etc...

Leaky gut can be identified through multiple indicators, some of them including nutrient deficiencies. I find that some people taking Ion Biome typically respond better and faster to nutrient supplementation. This is because Ion Biome helps improve digestive functioning.

Just as it helps cell signaling in the gut, it also helps with cell signaling in the sinuses. It can therefore help with hay fever, allergies, post nasal drip and other chronic sinus issues by being sprayed into the nose.

Ion Biome is very safe. It is something that is natural for everyone to consume. There are no contraindications.  It is safe for kids and safe for pets as well. That does not mean that some people may not react to it.  I find most people tolerate one teaspoon 15 minutes before a meal. Just take it straight up in a spoon, do not water it down. If you aren't noticing much improvement from this, you may increase to one tablespoon per meal.  A few people are more sensitive and when they get the Ion Biome into their system, it starts causing a shift in the gut biome (for the better) right away (but it may not feel great). If this is you then start with just a few drops and very gradually increase your dosing over time to 1 tsp per meal. Generally, studies indicate it takes a minimum of three months to repair a leaky gut so if you have leaky gut, you should consider taking this product for at least three months. It is safe to take longer than that and indeed there are good arguments for taking it as general maintenance.

The makers of Ion Biome have formulated it to be gentle on the system as in, it does not cause oxidation that traditional carbon-based products like shilajit, humic acid, or fulvic acid can cause.  This is why I consider it superior to these other soil-based products.

Ion Biome is great if you are working on improving your health overall because as we know, it all goes back to the gut biome.  This product naturally strengthens and helps reorganize the gut, and provides some protection from the chemicals in the environment.

Studies that Biomic Sciences have done demonstrate that Ion Biome keeps the gut cells resilient under the stress.  This means if you are going out to eat and it's not your regular fare from home, you will get some extra protection taking this product.  I would suggest this product for anyone travelling and eating unusual food as well.