Four Steps to Thyroid Function - Watch the Video

Katy Wallace, ND, presents four basic steps to healthy thyroid function: raw materials, HPA axis, conversion in the gut and liver, and receptor sit...

Three Things Interfering with Thyroid Hormone (video)

Katy Wallace, ND, discusses three things that interfere with thyroid hormone production in this short video.

Watch the Video: Why Thyroid Hormones are Important

Katy Wallace, ND, presents briefly on what thyroid hormones do and why they are important. Part 1 in a series of thyroid videos.
Best Protein Powder - Collagen Peptides by Great Lakes Wellness

Best Protein Powder - Collagen Peptides by Great Lakes Wellness

I want to share with you a protein powder that's an easy way to increase the nutrition in meals and snacks. Great Lakes Wellness Collagen Peptides ...

Watch the Video: Kiss Those Sugar Blues Good-bye

  To succeed in eliminating sugar-cravings from your life, it helps to understand your chemistry and digestive health. Join Katy Wallace, Naturopa...

Watch the Video - Natural Allergy and Histamine Relief September 2023

Learn how low-histamine foods can bring relief from allergic responses. Katy Wallace, Naturopathic Doctor of Human Nature, LLC, presents natural approaches, including natural supplements and foods, that aid the body in naturally lowering histamine levels.

Watch the Video - Food-based Cleansing

Learn new ways to get healthy by assisting the body's major elimination and toxin-removing organs (liver, kidneys, and digestive tract) with food and herbs that allow for internal cleansing. Think of cleansing for internal organs as the counterpart to washing your hair or brushing your teeth; these activities keep you healthy and vibrant.
Scholarships for Body Tune-up Workshop Available

Scholarships for Body Tune-up Workshop Available

We are pleased to offer full and partial scholarships for the Online Body Tune-up Workshop beginning October 2023.  To be considered for a scholars...

Watch the Video - Hormone Balance Naturally

Do you suspect your hormones are out of whack? Katy Wallace, ND of Human Nature presents four priorities to focus on to balance your hormones natu...
Relief from Smoke and Airborne Pollutants

Relief from Smoke and Airborne Pollutants

With the poor air quality in the Midwest region, here are tips on getting relief if you struggle with poor air quality: N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) i...

Watch the Video: Health Benefits of Protein

Various proteins have different nutritional qualities. Katy Wallace, ND, discusses their benefits and techniques for helping to improve digestion....