Body Tune-up Workshop

What's a Body Tune-up?

Our Body Tune-up is a series of structured, food-based cleanses designed to give your body a fresh start. It's offered in a workshop setting or through one-on-one consultations with our naturopath.

In the Series One workshop you take on digestive and critter cleanses.  Series Two continues with kidney, liver, and seasonal cleanses. All cleanses are food-based.

Classes, workbooks, body system assessments, and cleansing food programs are included in your workshop tuition. Herbs and supplements for Series 1 are optional and not included in the fees. Herbs for the Kidney and Liver Cleanses (Series 2) are included in the workshop fees as they are more integral to cleansing these body systems.

Why do a Body Tune-up?

Based on what our clients say, you may consider a Body Tune-up if:

  • Balancing your health is important to you.
  • You aren't successfully dealing with the underlying conditions and patterns of stress that limit you.
  • You're ready to choose and cook foods to re-boot yourself.

Why is cleansing such a big deal?

We developed the Body Tune-up cleansing series and our individual food programs because we believe:

  • There is a connection between gastrointestinal health and an individual's state of health.
  • What the body needs for optimal health cannot be obtained from processed foods.
  • Waste elimination and cleansing are just as vital as proper nutritional intake.
  • Individuals susceptible to disease have special food needs

When is the next workshop?

Fall 2020 Online Workshop via Zoom

Series One Online (Digestive and Critter Cleanses)
Tuesdays at noon (60-90 min): 10/6, 10/13

Series Two Online (Kidney and Liver Cleanses): 
Tuesdays at noon (60-90 min): 10/20, 10/27, 11/10 (skip 11/3)

Pre-registration is required by calling 608-301-9961 or online (see links below). Payment of cash, check or credit card accepted. Payment plans are available upon request.

Once you are registered, we set up a private 1-hr consult with Katy Wallace prior to the start of the workshop. Katy will help individualize your cleanse and make supplement suggestions. All supplements except for kidney and liver cleansing herbs are optional and at an additional cost starting from $30 and up.

Fees for 2020 

Series 1 and 2 Early Bird $479 ($499 after 9/22) Register here

Series 1 only Early Bird $218 ($232 after 9/22) Register here

Full refunds will only be provided if notice has been given 7 days prior to start of workshop. Partial refunds, minus a $50 registration fee, may be provided if notice is given less than 7 days prior to start of workshop. After the start of the workshop, partial refunds may be provided in special cases only, subject to fees related to amount of services used by participant. Scholarships are available.

Free webinar about the Body Tune-up: 

This webinar is an introduction to the food-based cleansing process. Join Katy Wallace, Traditional Naturopath of Human Nature, LLC, to learn ways to assist the body's major elimination and toxin-removing organs (liver, kidneys, and digestive tract) with food and herbs that allow for internal cleansing. View the webinar here.