We developed Human Nature because we believe:

  • There is a connection between gastrointestinal health and an individual's state of health.
  • What the body needs for optimal health cannot be obtained from processed foods.
  • Waste elimination and cleansing are just as vital as proper nutritional intake.
  • Individuals susceptible to disease have special food needs.

Every client comes to us wanting some form of better health. Some want more energy to play with their kids or grandkids. Others want to experience less pain gardening, hiking, or sitting at a desk. Many want to feel happier and better understand how to balance their bodies.    


We created Human Nature to help you get it. And we consider it a privilege to share the simple approaches we've learned that really work.


Naturopathic Doctors (NDs or naturopaths) and nutritionists are holistic health practitioners who support the body's intrinsic ability to heal and maintain itself.

At Human Nature, Katy is a traditional naturopath. Her two-year graduate program and additional trainings bring together diverse strands of health practice including nutrition, cleansing, chemistry, body systems, herbology, and mind/body wellness.


As naturopaths and nutritionists, we live by a fundamental principle: Our bodies are naturally balanced and healthy when they receive proper nourishment. Instead of focusing narrowly to diagnose and manage symptoms, we take a broader, non-medical view, assessing the state of your whole body, mind and spirit.

We will ask you about current strengths and weaknesses and explore where you experience abundance and deficiency. Then we guide you on the least invasive path to restoring your body's natural, balanced state. This path includes food‑based techniques ranging from simple shifts in meals to deep organ cleansing.

We provide services at a variety of locations in Madison, WI, including at our home office at 401 Bryce Canyon Circle (naturopathy/nutrition sessions, yoga sessions), and Willy St Coop East, West and North locations (public lectures, and nutrition sessions). We also come to your business or group gathering for fun and healthy lectures or yoga.

Office Hours

Office hours for appointments and phone calls are by appointment only. We generally see people Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Katy Wallace, ND RYT

Katy Wallace, licensed Naturopathic Doctor and author of the book, The Body Tune-up, founded Human Nature in 2006. She holds a Doctor of Naturopathy (ND) degree from Trinity College of Natural Health and became a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) in 2007. In addition to two years of coursework in traditional naturopathy, she apprenticed for over 1,500 hours as a nutrition consultant with a naturopathic clinic. There she cultivated a special interest in the use of food to address health issues. She has since expanded her knowledge of holistic nutrition into the field of functional medicine. She also holds a Master's degree from the Institute for Environmental Studies at the UW–Madison and a Bachelor's degree in Geology and Environmental Sciences from Carleton College in Minnesota. Katy is available for individual and family sessions, and she teaches the Body Tune‑up Workshop.
Katy is also a Registered Yoga Teacher and is certified in Kundalini yoga.