Best Protein Powder - Collagen Peptides by Great Lakes Wellness

Best Protein Powder - Collagen Peptides by Great Lakes Wellness

I want to share with you a protein powder that's an easy way to increase the nutrition in meals and snacks.

Great Lakes Wellness Collagen Peptides is my favorite protein powder for these reasons:

*It's high quality, simple, and affordable (at less than $30 per pound). A plain powder from grassfed cows, it is versatile and can be added to most foods. Two scoops provides 11grams of protein. While I typically suggest 80-90grams of daily protein as a minimum point for most adult clients, most people I talk with are at least 10-20grams short of this threshold.

Adding collagen powder is a simple way to add protein but you also get numerous benefits including gut support, healthier hair, skin, and nails, and workout recovery support for joints, bones, and soft tissue. Here are some examples of foods you can add the collagen to easily. If you've used other collagens, this one is particularly nice because it won't congeal when cold.

Just stir in a couple scoops and let sit a few minutes before enjoying:

-hot drink (think dandelion/chicory root or cinnamon herbal tea, or hot cocoa with a low glycemic sweetener or coffee, if you must)


-water, home-made lemonade or electrolyte drink

-green drink, smoothie or shake

-scrambled eggs


-chia pudding or seed gruel

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To learn more about the importance of protein, check out this free webinar recording: The Health Benefits of Eating Protein.