Boosting the Immune System by Choosing Foods Wisely

I was just reminded of how long it can take to overcome a food sensitivity when my daughter's skin rash took two weeks to clear up after eliminating yogurt from her diet.  It can take up to 2.5 weeks for the milk proteins to be eliminated from the body.  When talking about gluten, a protein found in wheat and other grains, it may take an individual up to 2-4 months to begin to notice improvements such as increased energy and improved digestion. I would say most of our clients see an improvement within 7 days of starting an anti-inflammatory food program that emphasizes a variety of foods including green vegetables.


Dairy, gluten, and sugar are examples of foods that trigger inflammation in the body. Also, we know from clinical testing that an individual can be sensitive to any food as anti-self immune activity begins when the body has experienced too much stress.


How can you learn more about food sensitivities and free up immune system energy?


1.  Avoid the main inflammatory foods: gluten, dairy, and sugar. Join our upcoming cooking classes and lectures for tips on how to enjoy nourishing gluten-free meals.


2.  Find out what foods your immune system is reacting to with the ELISA/ACT food sensitivity test.  We offer this test to clients who come for office visits. It is the most comprehensive blood test available for the types of subtle sensitivities that may not register for 2-hours or 2 weeks.


3. Boost your system with a spring cleanse consisting of proper food combining with fruits, vegetables, and unrefined fats for 10 days. A digestive cleanse shake (bentonite and fiber), probiotics and green drinks are very helpful additions. Follow-up this cleanse with a liver/gall-bladder cleanse to be in sync with the organ activity in your body this time of year.


4. Many food sensitivities can be overcome through avoiding the food for 3-6 months. Supplements like colostrum are also helpful as is liver cleansing.


Please join our spring cooking classes and lectures for practical ways to put healthy eating into action. We specialize in individual liver cleansing approaches in private consultations