Eat Local Challenge--Day 3, Gazpacho

August 17, 2010

It feels good to spend a big wad of cash at the farmer's market. It's a very direct way of supporting local agriculture and the local economy; and it's fun to talk to the farmer's themselves about how the meat is processed or what variety of cucumbers is the best.  I am a big fan of eastside Madison's market and was excited to see apples there for the first time this season today. Also, I bought 8 pears and 5 pints of fresh raspberries for general enjoyment now as well as freezing for later. I was also able to purchase meat, eggs, and a stroller's worth of cucumbers, onions, green beans, salad greens, patti pan squash, peppers, dry beans, and tomatoes. All for $72.50.

Today's menu was generally enjoyable, and we only have a sample size of 3 days so far, but I notice that my energy is even better than usual eating and preparing the local ingredients from scratch. Here's the skinny on today's meals:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, and then plain raw yogurt (sweetened with a very non-local yacon syrup; those who know me know I am rather particular about sugars in order to keep a balanced flora)

Lunch: October harvest beans blended (like a mild pinto) with 1/2 cup chicken broth, fresh garlic, sea salt, and italian seasoning. Served with arugula and bell pepper; and, I cracked and shared the two remaining gluten-free wraps smothered in the beans with Marian.

Afternoon snack: smoothie: water, raw yogurt w/strawberries, raspberries, flax and one of the bananas going bad from last week (obviously the last item is not local)

Supper: Organic beef brats from grazin' acres (delicious; even Marian liked them) with gazpacho, fresh sprouts, and leftover green beans. Here's the recipe for the gazpacho:

Tuesday Gazpacho:

1 handful cherry tomatoes
2 bell peppers
2 cucumbers
1 fat clove garlic
1 small handful basil leaves
sea salt to taste
Kimchee to taste (optional)
dried cayenne, garlic, and parsley
2 Tbls raw milk (optional)