Four Reasons the Body Tune-up Works

Four Reasons the Body Tune-up Works

Food-based cleansing is the process of eating simple foods in order to promote rejuvenation in the body. During a food-based cleanse, you avoid foods that may be stressful to your body. A specific list of foods is provided for each cleanse and you adhere to the list of foods for a period of time in order to achieve a healthier outcome. A food-based cleanse may allow for the re-introduction of foods gradually over time. In this way, it can also serve as an elimination diet.

The Body Tune-up Workshop, beginning October 3, introduces four consecutive cleanses. The protocols combine special diet with supplements that support elimination through the digestive system, kidneys and liver. Participants follow this diet for three to six weeks or longer.

Foods that cause inflammation are avoided and foods that provide nutrients to promote detoxification are encouraged. In this way, a food-based cleanse helps the body with resolving chronic issues and re-boot itself. This cleanse provides foods that do the following:

1) Normalize blood sugar levels and balance insulin. We avoid foods containing natural sugars like fruits and sweeteners in order to allow insulin levels to normalize and reverse the inflammatory impact of insulin in the body. Insulin production drives many illnesses including metabolic syndrome, high cholesterol, hormone imbalances, and low energy.  As these foods are avoided in favor of on less inflammatory ones, a person may recover from hormonal imbalances that give unpleasant symptoms.

2) Repair the gut lining. We avoid foods that tend to aggravate the gut lining and de-mineralize like whole grains (yes, even quinoa) and legumes. Improving the health of the gut lining is key to resolving many chronic problems including food sensitivities, sinus issues, auto-immunity, hormonal and blood sugar issues, mood problems, and immune stress. As these aggravating foods are avoided, the gut lining recovers and symptoms improve.

3) Reduce a negative immune response. Foods with a large molecular peptide structure (like gluten and dairy) tend to aggravate the immune system and make it harder to heal or have optimum health. Modulating the immune system is key to overcoming chronic inflammation and disease, especially auto-immune diseases. Therefore, we avoid the foods we know from clinical research and practical experience tend to aggravate the immune system. 

4) Provide key nutrients that assist with detoxification. Our bodies are exposed to toxins everyday including heavy metals, pesticides, plastics, industrial chemicals and bacterial endotoxins (endotoxins result from poor digestion and leaky gut and lead to inflammation). In some cases, toxins are not eliminated efficiently and can accumulate in tissues and organs. If your detoxification pathways are not as strong as they should be, you can even become toxic from food, drink, bodycare products, and environmental allergens, for example. The accumulations of toxins disrupts healthy cell function and increases the risk for disease. Improper removal of toxins over time can lead to dysfunction in health. When toxins enter our cells, the body has three steps or "phases" of detoxification. Proper nutrition helps ensure that each step is supported. This is one of the reasons why we put a large emphasis on what you are eating.

Because the Body Tune-up Workshop works with the principles above, you get results! I have heard numerous participants report how this cleanse was more effective at helping them reach their health goals than other cleanses or special diets because of the emphasis on these principles. Contact us today to register.