Get Your Energy Back

Do you suffer from feelings of mental or physical exhaustion, or feel overwhelmed or anxious? Do you feel tired even after a full night's sleep? Do you not recover quickly from illness? Do you feel like you have excessive soreness or fatigue after physical exertion? Do you have headaches, gut aches and joint pain? These are all signs of chronic fatigue and can be addressed naturally through diet, lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements.

Our approach to helping you recover energy includes addressing the following:

*Strong foundational nutrition base. If you aren't getting the basic nutrients into your body to balance your hormones, neurotransmitters and immune system, then you won't get very far with supplements or other remedies you may try. We develop a dietary upgrade plan for you and also functionally assess your blood chemistry to ensure success.

*Balancing cortisol levels. Achieving a healthy daily rhythm of cortisol and other hormones like melatonin are crucial to feeling your best, sleeping well, and achieving a healthy weight. We offer adrenal hormone testing to individualize your program to recover adrenal/pituitary health.

*Thyroid health. Many people suffer with subclinical thyroid symptoms. Medically, their thyroid may check out okay yet their thyroid symptoms persist including fatigue, hair loss, and inability to lose weight. We can provide you with the means to get a full thyroid blood panel tested (for $70!) and identify what your body needs to re-balance thyroid hormone levels so you feel good again!

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Try these additional tips to uplift energy:

1. Get to bed early and get at least 7-8 hrs of sleep every night.
2. Dry skin brush to improve detoxification and circulation.
3. Try to eat about 6-9 cups of vegetables daily.
4. Include a protein that is easy for you to digest at each meal.
5. Add lemon juice to your water.
6. Alternate hot and cold water in your shower.
7. Get a full blood chemistry work-up to evaluate your body chemistry according to functional numbers (based on optimal health and different than standard medical ranges).
8. Exercise at least 4 days weekly.
9. Meditate and practice mindfulness daily.
10.  Include un-structured time in your schedule on a weekly basis. Use the time for self-care or exploring your passions.