Make Your Transition Into Fall

As we shift into fall, remember that this season is the best time for cleansing the digestive tract. Your digestion must be vibrant and strong in order to make a smooth transition to the cooler weather without allergies or flus.  Some of the best foods available with the local autumn harvest help support the digestive tract:apples, pears, dill, basil, squash, peppers, and fennel. 
A simple 10-day cleanse with fruit in the AM and vegetables and fats in the PM is helpful.  You may want to take supplemental support such as bentonite, fiber, probiotics and herbs for the digestive tract to assist the detoxification.
This cleanse is safe for most people to do.  If you are wondering if this cleanse is right for you, it is a good idea to get an assessment. Our Flow System assessment helps determine the body’s need for specific cleanses or support. Both Dr. Terri and I are trained in the Biomedx Flow System enabling us to quantify and interpret the biochemical measures of the body evidenced in the urine and saliva.
Sometimes the biochemistry in the body is not conducive to a cleanse such as when the protein utilization levels are too low.  In such a situation other choices can be made to improve your well-being including an individualized food program.