Need a Boost? Check out Glutathione

One of the big take-homes I learned from the Mastering Blood Chemistry seminar was how instrumental an antioxidant called glutathione can be in restoring health. Do you know what the most abundant and most important anti-oxidant in your body is? It's a molecule called glutathione (if we're excluding fresh water which can also be a powerful antioxidant). Glutathione helps every cell in your body to detoxify. It provides a number of anti-oxidant processes in the body including the following:

*Helps your body take harmful chemicals and metals and turn them into water-soluble chemicals to be excreted.

*Helps to down-regulate inflammation and auto-immunity via numerous pathways in the immune system.

*Helps maintain active forms of other antioxidants in the body like Vitamins C and E.

*Neutralizes and/or regulates numerous oxidating compounds in the body such as hydrogen peroxide and the breakdown of polyunsatured fats.

*Helps maintain healthy gut lining.

*Protects against fatigue by supporting adrenals, thyroid, pituitary, etc.

All of the above functions translate to an increase in energy, resilience to stress, greater athletic performance, immune strengthening, reduction in inflammation and slowing down of the aging process. In recent training, I learned that a reduction in glutathione is a key step in the development of leaky gut and auto-immune disease. This anti-oxidant can be very powerful in protecting the body against these unwanted outcomes!

Our bodies synthesize glutathione from other key amino acids. Cold water therapy and coffee enemas are known to improve glutathione synthesis so don't forget that cold shower!

In addition to hot/cold showers, I suggest a liposomal glutathione at the Human Nature office. It comes in two forms: Trifority Orange or Watermelon (this contains a glycerin base and is a little sweet) and also Liposomal Glutathione (not in a glycerin base and has a bitter flavor). Due to it's far-reaching applications, I suggest this supplement in a wide variety of contexts such as those who need a strong boost to overcome an immune challenge, those with auto-immunity or chronic inflammation, and also those who have chronic issues with energy. It is also appropriate for those routinely exposed to chemicals or metals for extra protection. Most people may to take 1 tsp daily but can take 2 or 3 times daily if necessary. Children may take 1/2 tsp daily.