New study demonstrates cancer is a metabolic disorder related to blood sugar control.

New study demonstrates cancer is a metabolic disorder related to blood sugar control.

One more reason to up-grade the diet and have your bloodwork properly evaluated.

In a study of more than 1,200 patients, published in the August 3, 2018, issue of Oncotarget, an international team of 35 co-investigators from 17 institutions reported that cancer occurs because cancer cells make and use energy differently from normal cells. The new study finds that cancer is a metabolic disorder which challenges decades of genomic research.

The investigators identify biochemical markers in an individual's body that may pre-dispose them to developing cancer cells when under metabolic or blood-sugar stress.  Basically, when a healthy person's body undergoes blood sugar stress, it should use fatty acid reserves as energy. However, it appears that those pre-disposed to different types of cancer may not be able to access fatty acid stores as easily due to varying levels of stress and nutrient deficiencies and thus their cells grow into a cancer state in an effort to survive the stress. 

To me, this study shows that those who have trouble with burning fat and/or blood sugar issues may be more likely to develop cancer.  It also demonstrates that those with nutrient deficiencies will be more likely to struggle with blood sugar control, energy production and consequently cancerous cell growth. 

How are you doing?Take this quick survey of symptoms that may demonstrate issues in the area of blood sugar control or fat-burning capacity and nutrient deficiencies:

  • Weight-loss resistant?
  • Trouble eating/digesting fats?
  • Blood sugar swings? Such as getting "hangry" before or fatigue after a meal.
  • Crave sweets?
  • Struggle with sleep?
  • Hormones out of balance?
  • Need snacks to get through the day?
  • Have to eat carbohydrates to function?
  • Have you had the following tests evaluated by a functional medicine practitioner recently? Vitamin D, Lipid Panel, CBC with Differential, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Thyroid Panel, Ferritin, Fasting Insulin, etc.

It is not just cancer affected by the items above....In case you haven't been reading about brain health, lately: Alzheimer's and other diseases associated with cognitive decline have also been shown to be caused by poor blood sugar control as demonstrated in the book: The End of Alzheimer's by Dale Bredesen, MD.

We are here to help! We can assess and identify your nutrient status, and give you a plan to stabilize blood sugar control and reverse inflammation, the root of chronic disease.  Contact us for an appointment. Consider joining the Body Tune-up Workshop. Early bird special ends in 1 week!

Here is the link to the Oncotarget study referenced above.