Overcoming Food Sensitivities

Knowing how to eat for health is a powerful tool. Part of eating well includes understanding what foods work for you and what foods don't.  But what do you do when you confirm you are sensitive to a long list of items? or the foods you can "safely" eat leads to a deficiency in nutrients you need over the long term?

There are multiple ways to overcome food sensitivies. When I was younger, simply eating a clean diet and doing occasional cleanses allowed me to overcome food sensitivities.  I could enjoy all foods from time to time while the foundation of the diet was "clean".  I also found that taking digestive enzymes and daily yoga helped.

Once I had kids and experienced the stress of disrupted sleep for multiple years and postpartum changes, I found even my diet wasn't enough to keep my gut healthy. To address this, I took supplements for leaky gut for several weeks and I've now been able to enjoy the healthy foods I avoided. A rotation diet can also be valuable in out-growing food sensitivities.

Leaky gut is a term that means there is an increase in the permeabilty of the gut lining where there shouldn't be. Undigested foods, and parts of foods like proteins, get through the gut wall and cause stress to the body leading to various reactions including  "food sensitivities" but also auto-immunity, adrenal- and thyroid issues.  I commonly see those with chronic infections, asthma and arthritis, presenting the most sensitivites.  There are many good supplements that help overcome food sensitivities but here are some of my top picks:

  • Supplement for the gut lining such as Repairvite-SE OR Glutagenics.  Such blends may include Zinc Carnosine (which helps knit the gut cells together), Glutamine (which increases enterocyte activity), Digestive Enzymes (supports complete digestion of food), Aloe, Licorice, and other mucilagenous herbs. Bone broth is a home-made food that also helps the gut lining.
  • Probiotics (healthy bacteria) such as PRO 225 probiotic. Use a standardized high volume probiotic that includes a high diversity of species of healthy bacteria for the digestive system. This probiotic is typically 10 times the dose of what you'll find in a grocery store.
  • Digestive Enzymes such as those from Allegany Nutrition. High quality enzymes at affordable prices to ensure complete digestion.

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