Relief from Smoke and Airborne Pollutants

Relief from Smoke and Airborne Pollutants
With the poor air quality in the Midwest region, here are tips on getting relief if you struggle with poor air quality:
  • N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) is one of the best supplements for relief from pollutants and toxins. It is an immediate precursor to glutathione, a potent antioxidant and among the most import detoxification nutrients for the liver.  This means it helps your body naturally deal with increased pollution like smoke. NAC and glutathione are located throughout the body, but the concentration is higher in the liver and lungs.  NAC supports a healthy inflammatory response and promotes antioxidant activity in the lungs which helps you breathe better in the face of pollutants. Regular dose is 2 capsules daily for an adult, safe to give to children, also. Higher doses are generally safe as well. Links to popular products:
  • Natural D Hist or Histo-X. These are blends of herbs and nutrients that help deal with itchy eyes, scratchy throat, difficulty breathing and sinus headaches. They include NAC mentioned above. There are two formulas, one for adults and one for children. Maximum dose would be 2-3 capsules or tabs several times daily as needed for histamine symptoms:
    • Natural D Hist
    • D Hist Jr
    • Histo-X is an alternative formula that includes Butterbur that often works better even than the D Hist for individuals. Only available via phone or email order.