Scholarships for Online Food-Based Cleansing Workshop Available

Scholarships for Online Food-Based Cleansing Workshop Available

We are pleased to offer one full scholarship for the Online Body Tune-up Workshop beginning October 2022. Partial scholarships may also be awarded. The Body Tune-up Workshop is a six-week food-based cleansing group workshop that includes gut and detox organ support. Click here for more information about the workshop.

Each scholarship covers two private consultations (phone or in-person) with Katy Wallace, ND, five virtual group Body Tune-up classes on food-based cleansing (covering the 6 week cleanse), workbook, and herbal supplements for the cleanses.  

To be considered for a scholarship, please submit a 1-2 page letter to us by September 7, 2022.  Your letter should express why you should be awarded a scholarship. Scholarships will be awarded based on a combination of the letter and potential phone interviews. In your letter, please express the following:

Why do you want to do the online Body Tune-up Workshop? What is your main goal in participating?

Why do you want to be considered for a scholarship? Explain your financial need and health need.

Explain the level of commitment you have for eating a clean, nutrient-dense cleansing food program for 6 weeks. A description of the Body Tune-up is available in these articles (What Would Happen if You Did a CleanseWhat Is Food-based Cleansing, 3 Parts to Effective Detox). Katy will also be offering free webinars that discuss the Body Tune-up food-based cleansing. You can view a past webinar explaining the Body Tune-up food based cleansing here.

Express your commitment to participate in two private consultations with Katy Wallace (before and after the workshop) and all five virtual meetings for the workshop (dates are available on the Body Tune-up description page).

Please submit the letter including the information above to us at:

Human Nature
401 Bryce Canyon Cir
Madison, WI 53705

To make a donation to the scholarship fund, please contact us!