Simple Detox Tip

Most of us are naturally inclined to be more active in the spring and consider our health in plans for the upcoming seasons. If a spring cleanse is on your mind, one simple thing you can add to even the most hectic lifestyle is the addition of fiber. One of my favorite sources of fiber for cleansing the colon is whole psyllium husk. This soft fiber gently absorbs and pulls toxins out of the colon and encourages the retention of water in the stool alleviating constipation. We now carry whole organic psyllium husk at our office.

1. Fill a glass with 5 oz water (or about half full) and add 1 Tbls of psyllium husk. Mix rapidly and drink.

2. Follow with another glass of pure water.

Do this once daily away from other foods for one month if you are continuing to eat a maintenance diet. If you are on a food-based cleanse, then the length of time may be shortened. (Contact us to schedule a time to design your cleanse.)

Note: If you cannot tolerate the plain flavor of psyllium, add a splash of tea such as ginger or peppermint tea or 1/2 tsp of Natural Vitamin C powder. Many colon cleansing enthusiasts suggest adding apple juice to the drink but if you have yeast or parasite issues then the less sugar, the better.

Liquid bentonite and liquid Caproyl may be added to the drink to increase it's effectiveness at pulling out toxins and eliminating yeast/Candida. This drink can work well to stop loose stools.

A daily herbal blend to help with detoxification of the digestive system may taken with meals such as 1-2 cups Liver Lover tea, tincture of Dandelion root, or Super Aloe capsules.

After 1 month on the psyllium husk drink, a parasite cleanse may follow.

If the gut flora are out of balance or there is leaky gut and inflammation, then psyllium may not be tolerated and may cause pain or bloating. In this case, vegetable sources of fiber should be increased and a plan should be developed to address the gut dysbiosis, reduce inflammation, and resolve leaky gut.

Cleansing with foods is our specialty, let us know if you have any questions or are ready to start your own cleanse.