Support Wisconsin's Consumer Choice and Wellness Act

Please support: LRB-2331 Consumer Choice and Wellness Act in WI. It protects your access to alternative nutrition and healthcare services from monopolistic practices of big health care and special interests. Please call or email your legislator and state senator to register your support.

Reasons for your legislator to co-sponsor this legislation LRB 2331/1.

LRB-2331 Consumer Choice and Wellness Act:

1. Is non-partisan - Those of all political persuasions are affected equally. The Wisconsin Health Freedom Coalition (WIHFC) has a diverse makeup of political liberals and conservatives seeking freedom of choice in health care.                                      
2. Is locally sponsored - Besides numerous Wisconsin individuals, the largest advocate is the Wisconsin Health Freedom Coalition which is comprised of Wisconsin residents, with the assistance of an attorney from Minnesota.
3. Is for the "little guy" - It is not crony-capitalism legislation, with sponsorship from large corporations with vested interests. Supporters are almost exclusively from small and independent businesses and those helped by them.
4. Is non-monopolistic - Instead of seeking to control the whole field of dietetics and nutrition, it seeks to protect those involved in various nutrition related practices and businesses who do not practice in an area requiring licensure.
5. Reduces costs to health care insurance providers because fees are primarily out of pocket.
6. Protects an economical alternative with low costs that are pennies on the dollar compared to conventional medicine.
7. Protects a safe alternative where clients experience virtually no negative side effects when compared to those treated with drugs and other medical procedures.
8. Maintains public access to natural and nutritional healing protocols
9. Provides a platform in which to practice complementary and alternative health services.
10. Provides protection from frivolous charges being brought for giving everyday common sense advice and services that do not harm.