Tips for Gently Cleansing the Liver & Gallbladder

Tips for gently cleansing the liver & gallbladder


It is important to cleanse the liver occasionally because it can become backed up with bile & toxins from a poor diet and exposure to chemicals in the environment.  A toxic liver can make us feel cranky, moody, angry, and out of balance; it can also play a role in developing environmental and food allergies. Similarly, skin problems (rashes, dry, itchy, acne, etc.) are often related to a stressed liver. One of the common signs of liver congestion is difficulty waking in the morning and general lack of appetite in the morning. Nausea is also attributed to an over-worked liver.


Your liver is located on the right side of your body under your ribs.  The liver’s role is to filter & clean all of your blood.  It is your largest internal organ.  The liver also helps you to digest food by secreting bile to the gall bladder; it also affects your glands and hormones.


Here are some tips for helping the liver to ‘open up’ and release the stored toxins & bile so that it can heal and help you better digest your food. You may also want to meet with us to develop a personal "liver cleanse" protocol.


Incorporate these foods into your meals and eat only until you are 80% full at meals, leaving 20% room for digestion and assimilation:


Apples (especially tart ones such as ‘Granny Smith’; eat alone)


Lemons & lemon juice (drink Star’s Lemonade, add lemon juice to salads)


Apple cider vinegar (unfiltered is best; add to salad dressings)


Olive oil (take 1-2 Tbls at bed-time or use liberally with vegetables & starches)


Flaxseed oil (add to brown rice and other whole grain dishes, salads, and soups)


Beets (roast beets for a nice flavor, or drink fresh beet juice with other vegetable juices)


Dark leafy greens (arugula, kale, basil, spinach, chard, parsley, cilantro, etc.).


Herbal teas that support the liver such as red clover and milk thistle


Activities that help the liver include exercises such as waist rolls & yoga poses (bridge pose), a mellow attitude towards daily stressors, meditation, relaxation, colonics/enemas with coffee or lemon.


Things to avoid:

Large portions of nuts, seeds, dairy, or meat




Please join us in our Spring Liver Cleansing Events posted below. We are providing free lectures that discuss formal "Liver Cleanses" and the emotional energies related to the liver/gallbladder and spring.