Top 5 daily anti-aging tasks

When struggling with a health issue, living with a hectic schedule or a stressful situation, sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees when it comes to caring for yourself. These are my top intentions for you to achieve health and wellness; these are activities you should do every day.

1) Prepare your own meals and snacks from fresh produce, fish, meat and unrefined fats. If you aren't preparing it yourself, then you cannot control the quality and source of the ingredients and cannot keep processed grains, sugars and oils out.

2) Exercise. This may sound like a no-brainer but if you aren't doing it daily, you are missing out on benefits for better sleep, coping with stress, detoxification and digestive support, to name just a few of the benefits.

3) Take a cold shower. Don't shy away from this one. It's cheap, it's quick, and it's accessible to just about everyone. A cold shower will boost your innate antioxidant production of glutathione and help support your lymph system. This will slow aging and support detoxification regularly. You may start with a warm shower and end with a cool and then cold shower. Dry skin brushing before you begin is the icing on the cake.

4) Sleep at least 7-8 hrs. It's easier said then done but sleeping adequately for your body will boost your internal ability to heal, repair, recover, and reduce inflammation.

5) Meditate. If this seems like a big hurtle, begin with just 3 minutes daily. Meditation builds our capacity for self-love, enhanced understanding of others, and neutrality. It is a most powerful tool for overcoming our own negative tendencies and developing beneficial ones. This reduces pain and inflammation.

If you are doing all of daily items above and still struggling, then you should set up an appointment. If you are unable to do all of the items above, then you need to get more support. Many times a nutrition deficiency, that may be identified in chemical assessments I perform, needs to be addressed before a person is able to do all the self-care listed. We are here to help, please call on us.