Why Kidney Cleanse

Why Kidney Cleanse

Our bodies are exposed to toxins everyday. In some cases, toxins are not eliminated efficiently and can accumulate in tissues and organs. If your detoxification pathways are not as strong as they should be, you can even become toxic from food, drink, bodycare products, and environmental allergens, for example. The accumulations of toxins disrupts healthy cell function and increases the risk for disease. Earlier in the summer, I wrote an article on 3 Parts to Effective Detox that breaks down what is needed for day to day detoxification in the body. A kidney cleanse is a special period of detoxification to work deeper than what healthy diet and daily habits might provide.

The kidneys are a part of the urinary system that is a filtering center in the body. Kidneys are located in the middle of the back and are bean-shaped organs about the size of your fist. Each kidney contains about one million tiny filter units. Blood moves from the renal artery into the kidneys. Water, salts, toxic chemicals, excess minerals, waste and urea (a waste product from the liver) are filtered from the blood by the kidneys. Salt and water needed by the body are reabsorbed into the renal vein and kept in the body. Waste products and surplus water leave through the ureters to the bladder. In this way, the kidneys basically filter out toxins and waste and help keep what is needed. 

According to author, Paul Pitchford of Healing with Whole Foods, common symptoms that indicate signs of kidney stress are:

Abnormal blood pressure
Bad taste in mouth
Bone problems
Chronic low-back pain
Ear infections & diseases
Excessive fear & insecurity
Frequent urination
Hair problems
- loss
- premature graying
- split ends
Hearing loss
Kidney stones
Painful urination
Premature aging
Puffy face
Reproductive imbalances
Slow urination
Swelling of ankles/legs
Urinary tract infections
Weight loss

The purpose of the 4-day kidney cleanse protocol is to support the kidneys in the elimination of metabolic waste that becomes built up in the bloodstream and kidneys. The cleanse will also help reduce the level of detrimental acids, like uric acid, that go into the blood stream and can cause conditions like gout as well as memory loss. It may also assist with gently dissolving and passing kidney stones. The protocol includes a special food program. Herbal supplements are taken to support the kidneys and bladder. A special kidney tea,  magnesium and B6 supplements also support the kidneys during this short cleanse. I typically suggest a digestive and critter cleanse come before a kidney cleanse, as it will be most effective that way.

After the kidney cleanse, we suggest a liver cleanse.This series of four cleanses is outlined in the Body Tune-up cleansing process. I offer this is a workshop format as well as one on one in consultations.  The liver cleanse includes herbs and special foods in a protocol that promotes the elimination of toxins and healthy functioning of the liver and gallbladder. Stay-tuned for the upcoming article about the liver cleanse.

If you are interested in cleansing with us, it's not too late to join the Fall Body Tune-up Workshop series beginning Oct 3rd 2019