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According to both ancient and herbal lore, all plants have their own presence, a faerie, if you will, or as herbalists call them “plant devas”.  In ritual & wise woman traditions these devas infuse the oils with their magick, their intention and their physical strength.

Blue Moons products are designed with this magickal quality in mind.  Each blend is a complex mix of pure organic oils, herbs, flowers & crystals. Created in conjunction with the moons’ phases, they work in the tradition of the Wise Woman with Magick, Spirituality, Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and the Artistry of Perfumery. Through scent inhalation and absorption, you will experience the magick of healing and chakra balance.

Each bottle is made by hand, poured by hand & labeled with love! All bottles are charged with healing intentions and mantra. Each formulation corresponds to a particular chakra, yet they, as we, are all united.

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