Daily Manufacturing

“Blending Science and Nature for Optimal Nutrition.”

Jim and Mary Jo Daily started Daily Manufacturing in 1979 by making one product, Min-Col, for Dr. Carey Reams. Since 1979 Daily Manufacturing has expanded to include all of the Reams products, as well as other nutritional products. Daily Manufacturing maintains the commitment to excellence in manufacturing that earned the endorsement of Dr. Reams and the loyalty of many customers from around the world.

Daily Manufacturing is committed to producing high quality nutritional products from natural sources. We believe that natural products must have a solid scientific basis for efficacy and safety. Every product with the “Daily” name must promote wellness and optimal health without risk of harm.

Daily Manufacturing is a small, family oriented business that believes they have a responsibility to represent the natural foods industry in a positive way. Product claims must be both legal and morally defensible. All information must be presented in a factual manner with solid scientific basis. They also believe that they have a responsibility to the local and world communities to never engage in practices that endanger the health and environment of others.      

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