Founder Paul DeSouza was a pioneer health enthusiast and avant-garde exponent of natural, organic farming methods, which are still used today.

In his years of inquiry he discovered that our fertile farmlands were being literally destroyed because of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the leaching of essential minerals from the soil and no effort being made to return nutrients to their source, Mother Earth.

He searched the globe over to find an area where the farming methods had not left a depleted, desecrated land as a result of over-production and chemical destruction, To his amazement, he found the answer in Israel.

Paul was a true pioneer in the organic growing movement, and continued to share his vision of "good ground to grow good food." He knew that if the Hebrew agriculturalists could renew their lands and keep the thin, poor soil of the desert productive for more than 6,000 years, it could be done with the fich,'formerly fertile, lands of California.

DeSouza's liquid Chlorophyll, or "solar magic" as he called it, has become a welcome and singularly effective addition to the menu of those wishing to attain and maintain good health. Its uses are as many and as varied as the people who use it and swear by it.

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