Enlita Farms

Enlita’s handcrafted cultivation program allows hemp to express its natural characteristics and genomes sustainably and organically. Through their proprietary nutrient program, they maximize plant compound expression without the use of chemicals, pesticides or herbicides. At Enlita Farms, the soil is more alive with every passing year.

A small, family-owned farm with strict attention to detail at every step, Enlita hand-places plants to cure at harvest, better allowing all the beneficial compounds of the plants to be retained.

Their proprietary extraction processes are done in small batches, ensuring top quality, using active, closed-loop, medical-grade solvent systems that are free from toxins. After evaporation, only oil concentrated with cannabinoid compounds and flavors remains. Extractions utilize the whole plant - stem, leaf, and flower - to bring all the benefits of a whole hemp extract.

Enlita tests constantly throughout every process, from cultivation to extraction, to meet and maintain the strict THC standard below 0.3%. Products are also tested for heavy metals, E Coli, and other contaminants such as pesticides and residual solvents, so they can guarantee a completely safe, pure, effective and organic product.

Expert preparation and formulation of Enlita’s final products, including bottling, are done in commercial kitchens following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Their formulations galvanize the efficacy of the whole plant hemp extract by maximizing compound bio-availability and creating synergistic effects.

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