Researched Nutritionals

Founded in 2006 by CEO, Dennis Schoen, and headquartered on California’s central coast, Researched Nutritionals has quickly become a leader in the nutritional supplement market. The company’s research-based product development and ongoing clinical trials to demonstrate product efficacy are an integral aspect of the Researched Nutritionals® mission.

 “Researched” – the first word in the company name, was chosen to communicate the research-driven culture.

They conduct research in university settings, private research facilities and in clinics.  This published research is well designed, and the results are reproducible. The company allocates well into the six figures, annually, for primarily human and also in vitro research.

This research not only proves product efficacy but goes beyond by subjecting products to grueling conditions to prove heat stability and label claim even after simulating patient use.

Doctors partner with Researched Nutritionals for the most advanced, research-focused products, with a focus on immunity, energy (mitochondrial & adrenal), detoxification & inflammation support.

Each batch of incoming ingredients is identity tested to ensure product purity.  Detailed batch records are maintained during and after production.  Additionally, each batch of finished and bottled product is subjected to heavy metal & microbial testing, ensuring it is free of any impurities before being released from quality control.

Even though GMO-free products call for GMO-free nutrients, each product is sent to a third party lab for confirmation.

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