SeaAgri, Inc.

SEA-90 minerals and trace elements are natural crystals produced multiple times per year from sea water trapped in retention ponds located in a pristine estuary on the Sea of Cortez. SEA-90 differs from all other sea minerals currently on the market because it is created from one of the most mineral-rich seas on earth, in an arid environment with an annual rainfall of less than one half inch (1.27 cm) per year, and average temperatures normally in excess of 100° F (37° C).  SEA-90 is not mined from the remnants of ancient dried sea beds where leaching inevitably occurs that decreases the number of periodic table elements.  SeaAgri continues to work diligently to perfect the capture and production of the highest quality mineral and trace element package available. They anticipate the ability to supply global demand into perpetuity.

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