Welcome Wellhouse Center

Katy Wallace and Human Nature would like to welcome our friends from the Wellhouse Center.


The Wellhouse Center closed its doors in October, 2008.  Human Nature, founded by Katy Wallace, a Naturopath who trained under Dr. Renee Welhouse, continues to provide may of the same services including traditional naturopathy, holistic nutrition, and cleansing.

Let us know how we can help.  Here is a brief guide to our services and how they relate to those provided by The Wellhouse Center.


We will do our best to provide you access to similar assessments and cleansing programs that were provided at the Wellhouse Center. You can make an appointment by phone: 1-877-WELL-939 or by email.


You can order Wellhouse Center supplements from us while supplies last. If we do not have the Wellhouse Center supplement that you are looking for, we will help you find an alternative from another manufacturer. Order your supplements on the Human Nature website 24 hrs / 7days a week. We also take phone orders at 1-877-WELL-939. You will have the option to have it shipped to you or to pick it up at our office in Madison.


Get a better understanding of the cleansing process advocated by Dr. Renee Welhouse by taking the Body Tune-up Workshop Series taught by Dr. Katy Wallace. The two series cover the main cleanses familiar to Wellhouse Center clients, including digestive, parasite, kidney, and liver cleanses. The workshops take you beyond what you may have learned at the Wellhouse Center by providing informative lectures and a workbook while establishing a sense of community amongst cleansers through a group format. The supplements and instruction are provided at a substantial package discount over a series of individual consultations. If you are considering doing the basic cleanses for the first time or the fifth time this is great way to learn, share, and save.


Although the Wellhouse Center has been closed for several years at this point and is no longer able to transfer records.


If you have questions, concerns, comments about Human Nature and the services we provide please contact us. If you call and do not get to speak to someone in person, please leave a message and we will make every effort to return it promptly. Email is always an excellent way to get in touch with us. Please check the website frequently for schedules of events and other information.

We look forward to hearing from you.