Allegany Nutrition Natto LP - 120ct

Allegany Nutrition Natto LP - 120ct

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Allegany Nutrition's Natto-LP contains the most potent form of nattokinase on the market and is formulated to work synergistically with the body to assist in a wide range of cardiovascular imbalances. Unlike some approaches to cardiovascular health, Allegany’s systemic enzyme attacks the underlying imbalances instead of the symptoms. The enzymes are produced in an Organically Certified facility that is FDA inspected. Products contains no fillers, yeast, dairy, wheat, soy, gluten or corn and are free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

The Natto-LP contains 6 enzymes other than Nattokinase. The purpose of these other enzymes is to help cleanse the body of undigested particles. The most important of these other 6 enzymes is protease, lipase, and peptidase. No other product on the market contains as much protease, lipase, and peptidase in a systemic enzyme formulation. Nattokinase should always be taken with systemic enzymes to help increase the effectiveness of the product.

Nattokinase has shown to have a high fibrinolytic activity (breaks down fibrin). It also helps dissolve existing blood clots (thrombus) by dissolving the fibrin that binds platelets and red blood cells together.

An enzyme in the body called angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) helps synthesize angiotensin II which raises blood pressure by constricting blood vessels. Hypertension is often treated with ACE inhibitors to help lower the level of angiotensin II. Nattokinase has been shown to lower blood pressure levels by inhibiting angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE).

Nattokinase has also been shown to support blood circulation by assisting in the clearing of circulation and preventing hardening of the arteries.

CAPSULES PER BOTTLE: 120 count bottle.

Directions: Take one capsule in the morning on an empty stomach and one capsule in the evening on an empty stomach before bed for maintenance dosage (60 day supply). Take two capsules twice daily for a therapeutic dose (30 day supply). Always take on an empty stomach or 2 hours after a meal with 8 oz. of water. Take each day consistently for best results. We also recommend taking our digestive enzymes with your meals to assist in proper digestion and absorption.

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