Biotics Research B12-2000 Lozenges 60 pack

Biotics Research B12-2000 Lozenges 60 pack

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Biotics Research's B12-2000 Lozenges are pleasant tasting, and each lozenge supplies high potency levels of vitamins B12, folic acid and B6. Each is important in a wide range functions, and the status of each impacted by a number of pharmaceutical compound. B12-2000 Lozenges are especially important for women who are pregnant or who are wishing to become pregnant.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is increasingly common given the Standard American Diet (SAD) but the prevalence has also been found to increase with age. Functionally, Vitamin B12 plays a vital part in the energy production of every cell in the body, and it also plays a significant role in the normal functioning of the brain and the nervous system. The human body produces millions of red blood cells every minute, which requires vitamin B12 for proper multiplication. Consequently, if the levels of vitamin B12 becomes too low, the production of red blood cells decreases resulting in anemia. By assisting with the absorption of folic acid, it also facilitates the release of energy.

Vitamin B6 is vital to numerous functions including immune support. The status of all three vitamins (B12, folic acid, and B6) has been shown to be negatively impacted as a result of interactions of commonly prescribed drugs, including birth control pills. Deficiencies have been linked to serious health challenges such as neural tube defects. B12-2000™ Lozenges is a great-tasting supplement that easily dissolves under the tongue.

Does not contain: gluten or dairy.