Biotics Research Bio-ADEK-mulsion 1 fl. oz.

Biotics Research Bio-ADEK-mulsion 1 fl. oz.

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Biotics Research's Bio-ADEK-mulsion supplies vitamins A, D3, E and K (as K2 and K1) in a true oil and water emulsion, resulting in enhanced bioavailability and utilization via the lymphatic system.

Bio-ADEK-Mulsion® supplies the fat-soluble vitamins A, D3, E and K (both K2 & K1) in a true oil and water emulsified form, resulting in enhanced bioavailability, utilization and absorption via the lymphatic system, the normal route of oily micronutrient uptake prior to serum distribution. Although each fat-soluble vitamin may have specific nutritional roles, each one plays a vital part in optimal health. For example, both vitamins A and D3 are important for immune function, while vitamins D and K are important for bone health, and vitamins D3, E and K2 are important for cardiovascular health, and vitamin E plays an important role in the formation of red blood cells. A large percentage of the population does not consume adequate or recommended levels of these important micronutrients. By definition these fat-soluble vitamins are referred to as nonpolar lipids, thus they have extremely low solubility in aqueous media (water). As part of the body’s normal function, fat soluble vitamins are emulsified by the bile, which allows for proper absorption. However, a large portion of the population have insufficient biliary function; they produce insufficient bile, or their bile becomes too thick and congealed to function effectively. Proper fat absorption cannot take place without bile, and its absence can also increase stomach acidity to the point of causing reflux and heartburn.

In order to increase the bioavailability of their oily nutrient products, many companies have chosen to use “tweens” such as polysorbates and other ionic surfactants or detergents. Recent research has clearly demonstrated that the inclusion of these nanotechnology methods can result in leaky gut, altered microbiota (dysbiosis) and systemic inflammation. Bio-ADEK-Mulsion® uses none of these nanotechnologies. Our proprietary emulsion process has been proven safe and effective, and has stood the test of time. Bio-ADEK-Mulsion® is readily absorbed and assimilated, and is therefore the ideal choice for those with malabsorption challenges. Each serving of Bio-ADEK-Mulsion® supplies 375 mcg of vitamin A (as RAE-retinol activity equivalents), 25 mcg (1,000 IU) of vitamin D3, 20 mcg (30 IU) of vitamin E and 100 mcg of vitamin K (K2 & K1 in a 1:1 ratio). 

Does not contain: gluten or dairy