Biotics Research Bio-Ae-mulsion Forte 1 fl. oz.

Biotics Research Bio-Ae-mulsion Forte 1 fl. oz.

Biotics Research's Bio-Ae-mulsion Forte provides Vitamin A in an emulsified form to aid in the uptake and assimilation. Use wherever vitamin A need has been determined. Each drop supplies 12,500 IU of vitamin A.

Vitamin A has been found to be beneficial in immune depletion, as well as in cases associated with high levels of free radicals.

All emulsions are NOT created equal. Experiments published in peer-reviewed nutrition journals have confirmed Biotics Research’s emulsified fat-soluble vitamins:

• Possess the smallest particle sizes of commercial emulsions tested

• Have equal or greater uptake and bioavailability than micellized products

• Show significantly less toxicity than micellized preparations

• Are the most cost-effective form of fat-soluble vitamin supplementation.