Biotics Research Biomega-3 Liquid - 6.8 oz.

Biotics Research Biomega-3 Liquid - 6.8 oz.

Biotics Research's Biomega-3 Liquid is an all natural marine lipid concentrate derived from anchovies and sardines source. This concentrated supplement supplies 1400mg Omega-3 fatty acids per dose, including 740mg EPA and 460mg of DHA.

Health Benefits EFAs play an integral role in the optimal functioning of our bodies and build the foundation for overall health. They are required for the formation of cell membranes and are essential for cerebral and neurological development and functioning. EFAs are also necessary for the production of eicosanoids, which are collectively responsible for regulating blood pressure and viscosity, and supporting healthy immune and inflammatory responses. They have also been shown to improve the biodiversity of the gut.

EFAs support the following:

— Neurological Health (mood, focus and memory)

— Emotional Health

— Cardiovascular Health

— Immune System Health

— Cell Membrane Health (hair, skin and nails)

— Inflammatory Response

Does not contain: gluten or dairy