Biotics Research Mood Enhancer - 60 caps

Biotics Research Mood Enhancer - 60 caps

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Biotics Research's Mood Enhancer was developed to address serotonin need and to supply important nutritional synergists to support healthy brain function.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that relays signals between neurons in the brain and influences physical and psychological functions, including mood and social behavior, memory, sexual desire and function, and sleep, among others. Low serotonin levels can have a negative impact on numerous processes such as gut-brain axis function, resulting in impaired communication between the gut and the brain. 

Mood Enhancer from Biotics Research Corporation provides targeted nutritional support for healthy serotonin levels. 5-hydroxy tryptophan (5-HTP) is provided to facilitate the synthesis of serotonin. 5-HTP is commonly referred to as the “feel good” neurotransmitter. Higher serotonin levels generally improve carbohydrate cravings and hunger intensity, and should be considered for challenges associated with mood, weight gain, carbohydrate sensitivity, occasional sleeplessness, and even focus. Thiamin supports the oxidation of fuels in the citric acid cycle (Krebs cycle). Decarboxylation of pyruvate, a key step in carbohydrate metabolism, is thiamin dependent. Niacin (as niacinamide) is a precursor to the coenzymes NAD+ and NADP+, and also supports nervous system function. Shortfalls have been associated with undesirable mood and emotional modification. Folate is key to methylation reactions which occur during the formation of epinephrine, choline, carnitine, histones and certain amino acids such as N-methylhistidine. Interestingly, an elevated score on a depressive symptom questionnaire (PHQ score of 10) has been associated with low folate status. Vitamin B12 is required in fatty acid metabolism and in the transfer of methyl groups for methylation reactions. B12 also functions as a coenzyme for numerous enzymes and is essential for the transformation of neurotransmitters. Deficiency has been associated with anxiety, irritability, mental confusion and poor stress response. Pantothenic acid (as calcium pantothenate) supports the formation of acetyl coenzyme A, which is the universal carrier of fatty acids employed in fatty acid oxidation, fatty acid and lipid synthesis, and oxidation of carbon atoms from fat and glucose via the citric acid cycle. Finally, St John’s Wort is included. Considered a “cooling herb” in the Chinese tradition, St John’s Wort supplies active biological compounds including hyperforin, hypercin, flavonoids, xanthones and procyanidines, and has been shown to support normal mood patterns.

Does not contain: gluten or dairy