Biotics Research Neutrophil Plus - 90 caps

Biotics Research Neutrophil Plus - 90 caps

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Biotics Research's Neutrophil Plus is a unique combination of vitamin, mineral, glandular and botanical constituents, along with RNA to support normal, healthy phagocytosis.

After review of your history and/or laboratory results, your healthcare provider may determine that you could benefit from targeted neutrophil support. Neutrophils, one of the three types of granulocytic white blood cells (leukocytes), are the hallmark of acute inflammation. They serve as key components in the defense against infection and are the most abundant of the white blood cells. Neutrophils are primarily associated with acute bacterial inflammation due to their ability to ingest microorganisms or particles. However, neutrophil activity has also been correlated with coronary, pulmonary and other health issues. Neutrophils, like all leukocytes, have a minimal life span, and thus a high turnover rate. As such, they are extremely vulnerable to minor vitamin, mineral and antioxidant deficiencies.

Neutrophil Plus® supplies a unique combination of select nutrients including vitamins, minerals and botanical constituents, along with RNA, to provide targeted support for neutrophils and their function. The complex interplay between multiple cell types and intercellular messengers makes nutritional status both subtle and far-reaching, particularly when it involves immune activation.

Does not contain: gluten or dairy