Body Tune-up: A food-based cleanse by Katy Wallace, ND Paperback

Body Tune-up: A food-based cleanse by Katy Wallace, ND Paperback

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Body Tune-up: A food-based cleanse. 6 weeks to lifelong healthy habits by Katy Wallace

Food-based body cleanses have been popular for decades, and with good reason: they are a healthy, natural, and effective way to recharge your body by ridding it of toxins, discovering and addressing hidden food sensitivities, and reducing and even eliminating pain. Whether you have a particular health concern you’d like to explore or just want to learn how to make healthy food choices, The Body Tune-Up’s series of structured, food-based cleanses will give your body a fresh start.

The Body Tune-Up begins with a Digestive Cleanse, followed by a Critter Cleanse, then Kidney and Liver Cleanses. Each carefully developed cleanse includes clear, detailed instructions and delicious recipe options.

Supplement kits are now available to complement the book.

This free webinar explains the general approach in the Body Tune-up.

Praise for the Body Tune-up:

"Dr. Wallace’s Body Tune-Up is the reset for your body! It’s a step-by-step food-based cleanse that is focused and concise to give you the opportunity to make the necessary lifestyle changes that will help to preserve a vibrant and healthy lifestyle for many years to come.” John Saman, MD

“Katy helped me with pain that had persisted for several years. Equipped with instructions for a six-week body cleanse, I committed 100 percent...What a difference it made in my life! This book is an invaluable tool. The Body Tune-Up will be a tremendous help for anyone that is ready for a change in their overall health.” Norman Brandon, DO