Cyrene Labs Fast Fuel Ketone & MCT Nutrient System Chocolate 8.57oz 15 servings

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Fast Fuel Ketones sets the new standard for supplemental ketone nutrition. Cyrene's formula is the purset most effective and best tasting ketone/MCT nutrient supplement available. Unlike other commercially available ketoen products, our doctor recommended and specially formulated product contains no fillers or unwanted ingredients so you get 14.2 grams of their Superior Ketone & MCT combination complex. Cyrene Labs adheres to the strictest standards to bring you the best choice of price, effectiveness and flavor of any other product on the market. 15-serving container comes with easy to use measuring scoop.

Formulation uses patented goBHB and goMCT ingredients combined with an amino acid complex and glucomannan for maxium results while supporting healthy nutrition.