Greenway Biotech Brand Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) - 25 Pounds

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Brand: Greenway Biotech, Inc.


  • 25 Pounds of Greenway Biotech Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate)
  • Relieves Aches and Pains
  • Refreshes the Skin & Flushes Out Toxins From Your Body
  • Helps with Increasing Nutrition Absorption
  • Helps Relieve the Symptoms of Athlete Foot or Foot Odor and Treats Toe Nail Fungus

Publisher: Greenway Biotech

Details: You know what's the difference between Greenway Biotech's Epsom Salt and hundreds of other Epsom Salt brands available in the market? The relaxing, fresh, and smooth feeling you get after taking a bath with our Epsom Salt! Whether you are looking for a bath salt that can help get rid of your aches and pains after a day of hard play on an athletic field, long day in the garden, or you just want to wash away the stresses of the day, Epsom Salt can help you. We don't just claim our Epsom Salt is the best and we do extensive research before offering a new product to our loyal customers. Our Epsom Salt is specifically formulated to dissolve quickly ensuring a smooth and non-gritty bath experience. It's relaxing from the moment you step into your bath until you have to get out. It works very well for relieving aches and pains in muscles throughout the body. This is perfect for those who want a natural product to help with chronic pain, fitness-related aches, and general stress on the body. Imagine taking an Epsom Salt bath before going to sleep! There is no better way to go to bed than feeling calm, relax, and with smooth and silky skin, which makes you sleep deep and be fresh the next morning. Epsom Salt Bath: To experience the numerous health benefits of Epsom Salt, take relaxing, stress-relieving Epsom Salt baths three times a week by adding 2 cups of Greenway Biotech, Inc. Epsom Salt to a warm bath and soaking for at least 12 minutes. For the added benefit of moisturizing your skin, add 1/2 cup olive oil or baby oil.

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