Ortho Molecular D-Hist Jr. - 60 ct

Ortho Molecular D-Hist Jr. - 60 ct

Seasonal Support for Kids! Same Great Formula as the Natural D-Hist for Adults... in kid strength!

A powerful natural flavonoid, quercetin has been shown to promote proper mast cell function and its consequences on overall respiratory health. 

Stinging nettles Leaf 
Stinging Nettles components have been shown to block important enzymes within the arachidonic acid cascade and have proven their effectiveness in a single-ingredient clinical trial. 

A pineapple enzyme, bromelain has proven to support normal mucosal tissue function and enhances the absorption of quercetin. 

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC) 
An amino acid that affects the viscosity of mucus, clinical studies have proven oral doses of NAC to be an excellent means to recharge cellular glutathione, a foundational antioxidant.

This product is for personal use only and not for re-sale. Use only under the direction of a qualified health professional.