Ortho Molecular Membrin - 30 ct

Ortho Molecular Membrin - 30 ct

Ortho Molecular's Membrin is designed to help maintain optimal cognitive function and health.

The formula includes 120 mg of standardized ginkgo biloba extract, 30 mg of vinpocetine and 100 mcg of huperzine A from Chinese club moss (Huperzia serrate), which work together to provide synergistic benefits for cognition and optimal protection for neurons.

Ginkgo Biloba: Ginkgo biloba extract is the most well-studied botanical for cognitive support. In addition to protecting overall neuronal function, ginkgo increases cerebral blood flow, and protects neurons from a variety of hypoxic conditions and oxidantinduced damage. In addition, ginkgo scavenges nitric oxide species (NOS) and reactive oxygen species (ROS), supports mitochondrial function, and inhibits NMDA receptor activation (a prominent pathway of brain decline), by reducing the over-stimulation of neurons that cause brain fatigue. Ginkgo has also been found to antagonize the platelet activating factor (PAF), a vasoconstrictor, and stimulate the release of NOS, increasing cerebral blood flow. Ginkgo has been shown to support memory in animal and human models. In a 14- day, double-blind study on the cognitive effects of a nutrient compound containing ginkgo biloba among 24 normal adults, a reliable 50 ms response time decrease was observed between the placebo and ginkgo biloba testing, suggesting that ginkgo supports short-term working memory processing in normal adults.

Vinpocetine: Synthesized from tabersonine, a natural extract from the seeds of the West African plant Voacanga africana, vinpocetine has recently been the subject of research related to cognitive health because of its neuroprotective mechanisms,6 including its antioxidant, and vasodilating activities. Vinpocetine has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier, and has vasorelaxant effects on cerebral smooth muscle tissue. In one 12-week study, a significant improvement was found in cognitive functions after subjects were given oral vinpocetine therapy using psychometric tests. Specifically, vinpocetine has also been shown to improve oxygen-release from hemoglobin, helping to maintain red blood cell flexibility, allowing the cells to pass more easily through tiny capillaries. Furthermore, studies have shown vinpocetine moderates the excitotoxicity of neurotransmitters, enhancing nerve cell health by inhibiting sodium channels and reducing intracellular calcium levels.

Huperzine A: A purified component derived from Chinese club moss, huperzine A has been found to support healthy cognition in a range of animal models, and phase IV clinical trials demonstrated its promotion of improved recall and cognition in elderly subjects. As a potent and selective acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, huperzine A helps to improve memory and support optimal cognitive health. A multicenter, prospective, doubleblind, placebo controlled and randomized study gave 50 patients 0.2 mg of huperzine A and compared them to a group given a placebo for eight weeks. They found that 58% (29/50) of patients treated with huperzine A showed improvements in their memory, cognitive and behavioral functions. A second double-blind and matched pair study looked at 34 pairs of middle school students complaining of memory inadequacy and divided them into two groups by psychological health inventory (PHI), similar memory quotient and same sex and class. After four weeks, the huperzine A group, (50 mcg twice a day) showed twice the improvement of the placebo group.

Does Not Contain: Gluten, yeast, artificial colors and flavors.