Ortho Molecular Mucosagen - 180 ct

Ortho Molecular Mucosagen - 180 ct

Ortho Molecular's Mucosagen is a comprehensive formula designed to support GI barrier health and boost detoxification pathways.

The mucosal epithelium serves multiple purposes including allowing nutrients from the diet to be absorbed and digested while simultaneously serving as a barrier that protects against unwanted food particles, toxins and microorganisms from passing directly into the body. Mucosagen includes a synergistic blend of ingredients that support the health of the GI lining while maintaining normal inflammatory balance and liver detoxification pathways to support overall health.

L-Glutamine: L-glutamine is an amino acid which serves as a primary source of fuel for the small intestines. Epithelial cells in the small intestines (enterocytes) use L-glutamine as their metabolic fuel which helps maintain mucosal growth, structure, and function. Under times of stress, L-glutamine has been shown to become a conditionally essential amino acid, helping to regenerate and maintain a healthy mucosal barrier. An increase in intestinal permeability can result in increased exposure to food, toxins and microorganisms. Inflammatory signals that are released during this exposure can trigger the stress hormone cortisol to increase the breakdown and utilization of L-glutamine in the small intestines. L-glutamine provides the primary fuel source for the gut mucosal lining to maintain the health of gut tissue.

Gamma Oryzanol: Gamma oryzanol is a natural component of rice bran oil. It is a mixture of ferulic acid esters of sterol and triterpene alcohols. Rice bran oil includes about 1-2% gamma oryzanol, which it functions as a highly effective antioxidant in the GI tract. Gamma oryzanol has been shown to protect gastric mucosa from free radical stress and maintain normal inflammatory balance by inhibiting NFkB in macrophages.

N-Acetyl Glucosamine: N-acetyl glucosamine is the acetylated form of glucosamine. N-acetyl glucosamine is a mucin precursor and has been shown to increase the production of mucus within the GI tract.6 Colonic mucus production has been shown to be deficient in individuals with GI challenges. Research has indicated that the step involving N-acetylation of glucosamine is deficient in patients with intestinal challenges. This can result in a decrease of glycoproteins that protect the intestinal mucosa.

Lactoferrin: Lactoferrin is a glycoprotein that is naturally found in colostrum, a milky fluid produced by the mammary glands. Lactoferrin plays a major role in supporting immune health including both innate and adaptive immune functions. Lactoferrin helps maintain normal microbial and inflammatory balance in the GI tract. In animal studies, orally administered lactoferrin supported the health of the GI tract in mice, and provided protection against NSAID activity. Research has also indicated that lactoferrin can help maintain normal inflammatory balance in the gut by inhibiting TNFα and promoting cytokine IL-8.

Silymarin (Milk Thistle Seed Extract) : Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is an annual plant indigenous to Europe and the United States and has been used for centuries as an herbal medicine to boost liver function. The extract of milk thistle has silymarin, the biologically active component found in the seeds and leaves of this plant. Silymarin provides liverprotective effects via several mechanisms of action, including inhibiting lipid peroxidation; supporting liver detoxification through enhancement of the liver’s glucuronidation pathways; and protection against glutathione depletion. Silymarin has been shown to increase hepatocyte protein synthesis resulting in hepatic tissue function.

N-Acetyl Cysteine: N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) is a sulfyhydryl containing amino acid that is commonly used to support liver and gut health. NAC is an effective precursor to the major antioxidant in the body, glutathione. Oral supplementation with NAC has been shown to increase intracellular glutathione levels. NAC also stimulates a specific detoxification pathway in the liver called glutathione conjugation.

Micronutrient Blend: Mucosagen includes the synergistic nutrient combination of zinc, vitamin A, and biotin, which are crucial for supporting GI health. Zinc is an essential mineral that is widely recognized for its role in gut and immune health. Zinc has been shown to strengthen GI barrier function by supporting the structure of tight junctions. Vitamin A is crucial for supporting GI integrity, maintaining normal inflammatory balance by reducing NFkB, and supporting mucus production. Biotin is an essential nutrient that is produced by several species of intestinal bacteria. Biotin deficiency is often present in individuals with GI challenges.

Does Not Contain: Gluten, corn, yeast, artificial colors and flavors.