ToxinPul 90ct Researched Nutritionals

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ToxinPul™  is a multi-function supplement developed to support the body’s removal of toxins safely while simultaneously supporting key organ health such as the liver and kidneys.

Over 80,000 chemicals have been released into our environment over the last several decades. These chemicals include heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides, including glyphosate, cleaners, and chemicals in our foods and personal products. 

ToxinPul™ has multiple mechanisms of action:

  • Tissue Clearance Support*
    • Pulls toxins from deep within the tissues*
  • Binders
    • GI Tract binders
    • Systemic binders
  • Organ Support*
    • Liver Support herbs*
    • Kidney support herbs*
  • Oxidative Stress Support*
    • Vitamins C for antioxidant action*

Our product formulators selected a source of humic acid that we import from Europe. This source has a 70% concentration of humic acid vs. the more typical 30% seen in most products, offering significantly more binding ability. As humic acid is derived from the soil, the typical environmental contamination can be disadvantageous. However, ToxinPul™ provides the purest and cleanest humic acid.

As quercetin is difficult to absorb, we sourced a form that is 20X more absorbable than standard quercetin, allowing greater healthy liver and kidney function.

Patients should consume a multi-mineral supplement such as to ensure adequate essential minerals while using this product.