Pre- and Post-Vaccine Nutritional Support

Pre- and Post-Vaccine Nutritional Support

Judging by the numbers of calls I have received on the topic, whether or not to get the COVID-19 vaccine is on many people's minds currently. The COVID-19 vaccines, like all vaccines, carry some risk. Add to it's chemical additives and it's design to provoke a strong immune response, the fact that it is a new type of vaccine, known as mRNA, is causing many people to consider the vaccine carefully.

Ideally, a balanced and healthy immune system response to the coronavirus is well supported by proper lifestyle choices and optimal Vitamin D and K levels as well as minerals like zinc and selenium.  Appropriate nutritional support includes a diverse and healthy diet low in sugar.  Evidence-based ways to combat coronaviruses naturally are available here in this free webinar recording.

While many of us may have access to healthy diet and supportive nutritional supplements, that is not true for everyone. And even with access to these things, still many people may be pre-disposed to a severe viral infection from COVID-19.  To decide whether or not to vaccinate is an individual choice. If you decide to vaccinate, then there are multiple nutritional supports that may be taken to prepare the body pre- and post-vaccination. 

The protocol below is based on information shared by Dr Debbie Hamilton, MD, of Researched Nutritionals, and my general knowledge of nutritional ways to support balanced immune responses (you don't want an over-reactive response to a shot) as well as detoxification (it's important to be able to eliminate the chemical additives from the injection), I have added food-based tips related to each area for those who may not have access to nutritional supplements.

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Pre-vaccine prep
The items below may be taken beginning seven days or more prior to vaccination and continued for at least two weeks afterward. They may be continued with a second shot.

Glutathione is the body's main antioxidant and helps in multiple ways through supporting detoxification, supporting healthy immune system activities, and reducing inflammation. General usage includes 1 tsp of liquid Tri-fortify Orange by Researched Nutritionals or Liposomal glutathione (no flavorings) by Empirical Labs, or 1 capsule L-Glutathione by Ortho Molecular daily with or without food. An affordable alternative to glutathione is NAC (n-acetyl-cysteine) by Biotics Research which helps recycle what glutathione reserves you may have. Take 2 capsules daily NAC. Glutathione levels are enhanced by cold water showers and a diet rich in free-range animal foods.

Vitamin C is a well-known anti-oxidant that helps reduce inflammation and allergic reactions. Take three times daily with or without food. Bio C Plus by Biotics Research, Buffered C capsules by Ortho Molecular are good choices for this. C-RLA Liposomal Vitamin C by Researched Nutritionals is a high-dose Vitamin C for those who typically do not absorb Vitamin C easily. Vitamin C is found in fresh vegetables and fruits.

HistaQuel and Natural DHist are two powerful and effective natural anti-histamine options. Either may be taking before and after the vaccine to help reduce a histamine-based allergic reaction. Take 1-2 capsules three times daily with or without food for general use. D Hist also comes in a chewable version. The herb nettle can be made into a tea for a simple remedy for excess histamines, also.

Liver support - ToxinPul by Researched Nutritionals is a blend of natural ingredients that supports detoxification of chemicals often used in vaccines for stabilizing and preserving them. By detoxifying and eliminating chemical additives efficiently, this reduces the chance that one a person develop an adverse reaction or long term sensitivity to the chemicals. Take 3 capsules daily ToxinPul at least two hours away from food. Phytocore by Ortho Molecular is another good option, take 2 capsules two times daily (with food okay). Teas from dandelion and burdock root support liver detoxification.

Multivitamin - Physician's Daily Multi by Researched Nutritionals or Alpha Base without iron by Ortho Molecular are good selections for broad multivitamins that enhance availability of the nutrients needed for balanced immunity and detoxification. Let's face it: health is complex and depends on many things including proper provision of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. These multivitamins help support this base of nutrition.

The following nutritional supplements may be taken two weeks following the second inoculation to help reduce the likelihood of a chronic inflammatory response. Continue for a minimum of two weeks.

Natural anti-inflammatory and immune modulator - CytoQuel. Take 3 capsules two times daily (with or without food). This is a blend of ingredients that help dampen chronic inflammation such as turmeric and resveratrol.

General immune support - Transfer Factor Multi-Immune is a blend of nutrients that help balance the different branches of the immune system including zinc and medicinal mushrooms.

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