Nutritional Kit for Vaccination

Nutritional Kit for Vaccination

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There are multiple nutritional supports that may be taken to prepare the body pre- and post-vaccination.  The protocol below is based on information shared by Dr Debbie Hamilton, MD, of Researched Nutritionals, and general knowledge of nutritional ways to support balanced immune responses (you don't want an over-reactive response to a shot) as well as detoxification (it's important to be able to eliminate the chemical additives from the injection):

Nutritional support for vaccine kits are now available and include the following items at a 10% discount with free shipping:

L-glutathione 60ct
Buffered c capsules 90ct 
Natural anti-histamine formula11-day supply small bottle (larger bottle available)
Phytocore 5-day supply small bottle (larger bottle also available)
Multivitamin 120ct
CytoQuel 90ct
Transfer Factor Multi-Immune 90ct

Please view this article for more information and instructions.