Three Things Interfering with Thyroid Hormone (video)

Katy Wallace, ND, discusses three things that interfere with thyroid hormone production in this short video.

Watch the video - How the Thyroid Gland Works

Are you fatigued, constipated, and have brain fog and wonder if it's your thyroid hormone levels? Come learn about how thyroid hormones, essential to every cell in the body, are produced, and how auto-immunity, stress and inflammation interfere. Katy Wallace, Naturopathic Doctor of Human Nature, will present the roles of minerals and diet in supporting the thyroid gland.
Merits of a Ketogenic (Fat-based) Diet, Part 1

Merits of a Ketogenic (Fat-based) Diet, Part 1

This is part one of the abbreviated content from my lecture from January 2019, Merits of a Ketogenic (Fat-based) Diet. This article will cover back...